This is my first attempt at writing anything in French (apart from school assignments); I have really grown to love the language and am fearful of the day when it will no longer be an element of study in school, (which is from eleventh grade onwards). I do not want to forget what I have learnt (I mean, I have to use it when I visit France one day) and hence, I am practicing this language as much as possible now…

Request to all native French readers- Please do not judge this too harshly and notify me of any errors.

Topic- If I were rich… (Si j’étais riche…)

Si j’étais riche, je pense que je serais un humain bienveillant. Le premier instinct des gens serait de résoudre la faim dans le monde. Alors, ils dépenseraient leur argent pour leurs intérêts. Je crois que je dépenserais mon argent pour un projet ou une idée spécifique. Je sais qu’on ne peut pas résoudre tous les problèmes dans le monde avec l’argent. On a besoin de la compassion, de l’humanité et de l’intelligence pour gagner les cœurs des gens.

J’utiliserais mon argent dans le domaine de science. Je crois que la science est l’avenir. Je financerais des ingénieurs, des scientifiques, des médecins et des universités pour faire la recherche et pour développer la technologie de l’avenir. J’espère que tout le monde aurait d’accès aux soins qui n’est pas coûteux. La technologie développée pourrait aider les gens qui souffrent des maladies comme cancer, HIV, etc. J’espère de créer une humanité qui est contente et satisfaite.

À mon avis, donner mon argent au gouvernement ou aux organisations de bienfaisance ne semble pas une bonne idée parce que je ne pourrais pas voir l’effet direct de mon argent. Donc, je crois que la meilleure idée est le financement des scientifiques pour établir la technologie médicale et pour aider les gens pauvres. Après cette mission, j’aimerais financer l’éducation des enfants. Selon moi, les domaines de médecine et d’éducation sont d’une importance primordiale. J’espère de voir chaque enfant en bonne santé et bien éduqué.


26 thoughts on “Si j’étais riche…

  1. Let’s speak English. I understand Russian and English very well, French partly because I haven`t used it for a long time, maybe 25 years. But cannot say I speak two of them well. I need practice!
    And you? Maybe 3? Good night! I am not very smart 😉

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    1. English works well for me. Yeah, I’m conversant in three languages. English, French (I hope) and Hindi, the national language of India, which I speak at home. English is practically like my mother-tongue. And of course you’re smart! You take so much interest in listening to other people and learning their perspectives. Listening to others, observing one’s surroundings and contemplating all this information are the traits of smart people.


  2. How old are you? I am very impressed by your blog and Intend to read It all. I am 55 but I don`t feel as an old person because I have been studying and learning constantly. That makes me happy! And you? What your background picture expresses? I am curious. Maybe another reality. I think to live in different reality is not bad sometimes.

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    1. I am currently 15 years old, but I was 14 when I started this website. It’s become almost like a friend now. I love meeting new people like you through this platform. I’m a fairly shy person in reality, (stop laughing, Mom), but I like interacting with people.

      I lived in the United States for about eight years. I went to elementary and middle school in New Jersey and now I live in India. It was quite a big change, but i have plenty of friends here in the same scenario, so I don’t mind.

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    1. I’m really sorry. Your blog is extremely interesting and I am indeed following it. School and exams have literally consumed all my time and I have no spare time to even check my WordPress account. Being a teacher, you would definitely understand. 🙂

      My summer vacation is in April and May. I will definitely read through your blog then. Really sorry for being inactive all this time.


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