Terrorism. The word is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, provoking images of mass destruction, indiscriminate killing, torture and widespread fear among the masses, at the thought of the sheer number of lives lost due to this senseless menace. Just this past week, on February 14th, 2019, we, as a nation, witnessed the devastating Pulwama attack, in which an explosives-ridden vehicle bombed a bus, which was part of a larger convoy. It led to the loss of the lives of more than 40 jawans of the paramilitary forces, or the CRPF, the Central Reserve Police Force. However, can we consider what happened last week in Pulwama an act of terrorism when it was clearly a dastardly act of war?

This horrific episode bears a shuddering resemblance to the Uri attack back in 2016, when sleeping soldiers were attacked in their bunkers early in the morning. India responded with surgical strikes, and this time too, the Indian Army has been given full autonomy to respond to the senseless act of violence. The surgical strike in 2016 was our Prime Minister’s response to the Uri attack, but did that seem to have any effect on our state of undeclared war with our neighbouring nation? No. If it had, then this kind of attack would not have happened again. Surgical strikes do have their use, but we need advanced military tactics, strengthened homeland security and intelligence to counter these infiltrators; we need these far more than we need Rafale fighter jets.

With India on the brink of a general election, there is little time for our government to do anything except issue stern warnings and aim at diplomatic isolation of our neighbouring nation. However, what our current government and even the subsequent government must realise is that there is a need to ensure that our military is prepared to fight the war with more advanced tactics than what are being used to fight against us.

As a nation, our resolve for peace should not be mistaken for passivity and weakness and infiltrators must be punished. As a tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama, we, as the nation, must strongly condemn violence and let the families of the martyrs know we stand in solidarity with them. We must not give their widowed wives, grief-stricken parents and orphaned children assurances anymore; we must resolve to act.

Please use the link below to donate to the Bharat Ke Veer website, ensuring that at least the families of our martyred ones have the support they need. A loved one is irreplaceable, but the least we can do is make their lives a little easier financially.

Bharat Ke Veer

Image Source – Financial Express

One thought on “An Act of War

  1. I feel really sorry for Kashmiri civilians and the current extreme national pride that these two countries are fostering at the present more, though to the rest of the world, it certainly comes across as India overtakes Pakistan in national pride by a significant amount. In Islam, national pride is discouraged as it breeds an us v them mentality, division, hatred and fear. It doesn’t seem that this will resolve anytime soon or even in the distant future. Have you by chance watched Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act episode on Netflix titled ‘Indian Elections.’ I learnt a huge deal about Modi. I can’t say I’m a huge fan, he also seems to be a huge fan of Trump… which says a lot. But Imran Khan should also do better in his approach to extremists. What a horrifying situation. The British really won, didn’t they? Interesting post. It made me think more about how the tension has been escalated.

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